Our Online Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) Subscription Service is designed for individuals, organisations and companies who want to outsource their DGSA obligations and gain easy and ready access to an expert and a body of accurate and high quality knowledge relating to the safe transportation of dangerous goods such as explosives and fireworks. 

In response to an EU Directive, all undertakings generally involved in the transport by road and rail, of dangerous goods will have to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).
Ordinarily, if driving under ADR regulations carrying class 1 dangerous goods, a DGSA is required.

The general duty of the DGSA is to advise the head of the undertaking on how to achieve the safe transport and handling of these goods, in compliance with domestic and international Regulations. The DGSA has to be qualified by passing examinations conducted by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), as agents for the Department of Transport, Environment, and the Regions (DfT).

Illuminate Consult has a fully qualified DGSA and offers an annually subscribed service to firework and pyrotechnic companies and operators.

If appointed as a DGSA, Illuminate Consult will ensure that the Client operation is:

  • Advised of the key points of the Regulations which apply to their transport operations
  • Kept informed about all future changes to the Regulations
  • Assisted in the preparation and issue of procedures and instructions to Operating Staff
  • Supplied with an annual report, and incident reports, as required by the Regulations
  • Advised on dangerous goods training for Staff, and on keeping training records

Illuminate Consult DGSA will require Clients to confirm periodically that they have appropriate procedures and instructions in place, and that they are being routinely monitored.
The DGSA will visit the Client on first subscription to compile information for the DGSA report.

Subscription to this service costs only £300 per annum.
If you take a dual subscription with our Advice & Guidance Service it costs £450 for both services - a saving of £100 per year.


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